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Online dating for the smart ones

Geeks. Nerds. Dorks. Whatever you want to call us, we're the ones making society's cogs turn. Programmers, gamers, trekkies, scientists, otaku and everything in between - we love you all. But love is a two way street, and sometimes it's hard to find the right co-pilot. That's why we're here: to help you find the Chewbacca Princess Leia to your Han Solo.

There are lots of people like you on our network, all you have to do is sign up and start searching. No need to be shy, we're all just atoms at the end of the day. So go on, make it so.

Who runs this site?

Marc Crouch is the founder of the HotFor... Dating network, which all started with back in 2010. Marc is a true geek, not just by trade but apparently by nature, as likely to be found browsing aimlessly through Reddit as focusing intently on an instance of Sublime Text or Terminal.
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